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Steel Drum

We supply steel barrels of 210 ltr capacity for the end applications such as storage of paints, chemicals, oil, lubricants and so on.

The thickness of steel in these drums ranges from 0.70 mm to 1.20 mm. The drums are with seven fold triple seam. They are also with a “W” design rolling hoops (or beads) which permits optimum stuffing of drums in shipping containers.

Externally the drums are painted with high quality, specially formulated stoving enamel paint with a minimum 20 microns thickness. Optionally the drums can be Screen Printed on the body or on the top with company logo and / or product details.

We provides developmental and technical support services to the clients such as proper advices on selection of drum specifications for the product to be filled, especially for hazardous substances, for example, packing of lubricants and brake fluids, we suggest our Tight Head Steel Drums of 210 liter capacity. For Greases we provide Open Head drums of 200 liter capacity. For packing coatings we suggest our New Tight Head Steel Drums of 210 liter capacity and New Open Head drums of 200 liter capacity both. If it is for Thinners and Solvents, our clients can select our Tight Head Steel Drums of 210 liter capacity.


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Middle East Trading, within a short span of time has established itself as one of the premier trading company in the Northern Emirates. Established in 2008 and operating out of its corporate office in Ras Al Khaimah. Middle East Trading has managed to cater to the demanding needs of high profile projects in the Emirates of Fujairah, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Middle East Trading have the right place to achieve all things. All our items are the best available in the international market suitable for the beautification of your prestigious construction making it more valuable and admiring. Our main objective is to exceed the expectation of our clients by offering outstanding customer service and thereby ensuring that our clients receive most effective & professional service. We give most importance to professional excellence and high ethical value. We will achieve the desired result by proper training, meetings etc


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